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Buffalo Systems ClothingFor those who take the challenge of outdoor activities beyond the extent of the casual summer enthusiast, performance clothing is a serious business. Buffalo Clothing is the perfect partner for your activity, whether it is mountaineering, climbing, hill walking, skiing, multi-terrain biking or canoeing, function not fashion is the main criterion when it comes to outdoor clothing. The Buffalo Clothing range of British made, outdoor performance clothing is designed for use in a variety of activities and conditions, including the very worst winter weather. The quality and performance are recognised by Mountain Rescue Teams, the Emergency Services, the Association of Mountain Instructors and round the world yacht crews, for whom performance outdoor clothing is a matter of life and death. Trust us, Buffalo Clothing is as good as you've heard!

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Further Information on Buffalo Clothing

How and Why

All Buffalo Shirts have been designed to wear next to the skin. There is a very simple and specific reason for this. Condensation. When the skin is wet, it will chill around 40 times faster than when it is dry. In prolonged cold and wet conditions, this can cause hypothermia. However breathable your waterproof outer garment is, condensation may still form on its inside during high levels of activity. This will result in the layers underneath becoming wet and chilling will occur.

A Buffalo Shirt will not retain internal moisture due to the Buffalo Systems high wicking properties.

Even during prolonged high activity, the fabrics and ventilation zips ensure the inside of the garment retain no moisture and allows the skin to dry. We always recommend that Buffalo Shirts are worn next to the skin and to be a close fit. If the shirt is too large, its performance will not be as effective.

The versatility of the Buffalo systems enables you to combine a DP Shirt with a Teclite Jacket or vice versa so any climatic condition can be catered for. Also with our windproof shells, this gives you a system that can cope with -25°c to +40°c in just three or four garments whether you are running, cycling, climbing,walking or watching a Sunday morning football match!

Pertex® DWR

Pertex® DWR is a Durable Water Repellent finish that makes the fibres of Pertex fabric hydrophobic. All Pertex fabrics have a very tight weave. Combine the two and you have the great, water-shedding properties of Pertex DWR. Water from light rain, consistent drizzle or snowfall will not penetrate the fabric. It works as long as you're not in a downpour. DWR treated Pertex fabrics are much lighter and softer than any 100% waterproof fabric and show much higher moisture movement capabilities.


Regular washing maintains the performance of Buffalo products and helps keep your friends! It restores the loft of the pile fabric and separates the fibres, revitalising the performance. In the eventuality of the pile becoming matted even after washing, the fibres can easily be restored by brushing. It is, however, important to follow the washing instructions:

  • Do not dry clean
  • Maximum washing temperature is 40°c.
  • Use only a small amount of detergent and no fabric conditioner (too much detergent or conditioners can leave a residue). Rinse well.
  • Do not use biological detergents, as they can shorten the lifespan of the proofing and affect colour. If worried that too much detergent or biological has been used, rinse thoroughly in clear water.
  • Always close touch-and-close fasteners and zips.
  • All texturised Pertex products (Travelite trousers etc) should be turned inside out before washing to reduce pilling.


Contrary to common belief the effectiveness of the Buffalo system does not depend upon the proofing of the shell. It should not be necessary to reproof your garment if it has been cared for correctly. Under no circumstances should you immersion-proof your garment. Immersion-proofing your garment (proofing both the shell and the pile) will prevent the Buffalo system from working and have serious consequences in severe conditions.