We stock a great range of swimming pool and swimming club equipment as well as personal swimming equipment. So whether it's water polo goals, caps and balls, swimming fins, paddles, snorkels, masks, goggles, caps or pool shoes we have it here for you. Floatation equipment such as hand floats, arm bands and water noodles are also in our range. For the pool itself, we stock swimming lanes, backstroke flags and lifeguard chairs.

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  1. Speedo Latex Swim Sock

    As low as £7.99
  2. Speedo Swimming Armbands

    As low as £5.99
  3. Maru Training Fins - Green

    As low as £19.99
  4. Speedo Glide Fins

    As low as £10.99 £15.99
  5. Latex Swimming Cap

    As low as £1.00
  6. Divetech Explorer Fins

    As low as £9.99 £25.99

33 Items

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