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Butterfly Indoor Table Tennis TablesIf you're looking to buy a Table Tennis Table then look no further. Our Indoor and Outdoor tables are all high quality, have superb playing surfaces and are covered by Butterfly's fantastic 3 year guarantee. Normal delivery is just 5-7 days from date of order with most ping pong tables being delivered by a specialist 2 man team at a pre arranged time and day organised with yourself once your order has been placed. We also stock a fantastic range of concrete tables for those who require a long lasting, heavy duty and permanent outdoor option as well as a wide range of table tennis equipment.

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  1. Butterfly Easifold 19 Indoor Rollaway Table Tennis Table - Blue
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  2. Butterfly Easifold 19 Indoor Rollaway Table Tennis Table - Green
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  3. Butterfly Fitness Indoor Table Tennis Table - Blue
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  4. Butterfly Fitness Indoor Table Tennis Table - Green
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  5. Butterfly Junior Table Tennis Table
  6. Butterfly 6 x 3 Table Tennis Top
  7. Butterfly 9 x 5 Table Tennis Top
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Table Buying Guide

It's important to know a little bit about our tables before making a purchase and with that in mind we have put together this buying guide to help you on your way

What size are table tennis tables?

The vast majority of tables are the full official size which is 9' long x 5' wide x 2'6" high (275cm x 153cm x 76cm). For smaller rooms, junior and fun tables are available from 7' x 4' downwards

REMEMBER: You need space to play as well. We suggest having at least 4' of spare space around the table 

What sort of undercarriage should I be looking for?

Undercarriages not only provide a firm steady surface for your table but also, depending on the system, provide various ways of storing your table. So, what are your options?

Table Top Only

If you already have a sturdy table or desk then it may be that you don't need to buy a table with an undercarriage at all. Table tops are the ideal choice if you do have such a table or desk and are short of space. With no undercarriage to store the table top itself can easily be stored against a wall or in the garage (just be sure you don't have damp in the garage). 

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Butterfly Table Top Only

Compact Tables with Folding Legs

When you do want an undercarriage but space is still limited or your table can't be stored in the same place all the time you should consider a compact model. The main benefit here is that the legs are folded into the centre of the table and therefore the amount of storage space required is simply the thickness of the table top and protective rim. The compact tables, although not a standard rollaway, do have 2 wheels on each half close to the net which can be used for wheeling the table to and from the storage area. Two people are needed to put the table up and down bit ut is quick and simple to do.

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 Butterfly Compact Undercarriage System

8 Wheel Tables

For when you require putting up the table to be as easy as possible (and taking down!) or when there is a need to store multiple tables in as small a space as possible then you should really be looking at a 8 wheel model. Each half of the table has 4 wheels and they are put up and down separately from each other. When you've finished playing the tables then link together for easy storage. For the customer who needs 2 or more tables the 8 wheels models are very convenient for storage purposes as they fold together and take up much less room.

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 Butterfly 8 Wheel Undercarriage System

Centrefold Tables

The most popular and convenient system is the Centrefold largely due to the ease of putting the table up and down. The two halves fold in towards each other and are rolled away as one unit making it simple for an adult to put up or down. This does mean you need a slightly larger space to store the table but for most people the ease of use makes this an ideal choice.

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 Butterfly Centrefold Undercarriage System

What surface thickness should I be choosing?

Most tables surfaces are between 16mm and 25mm. For beginners or home use thinner surfaces are more than adequate (16mm or 19mm) but 22mm and 25mm is also available for clubs, schools, sports centres and tournament play where a better bounce is generally required. Here a rough guide to each surface thickness:

  • 12mm Tables - Suitable for starter and junior tables. 
  • 16mm Tables - Suitable for home use and produces a very light table. 
  • 19mm Tables - Suitable for home use, clubs and schools. Sturdier but heavier than 16mm tables. The vast majority of home users pick this thickness
  • 22mm Tables - Suitable for home use, clubs, sports centres, match and league play and some lower tournament play
  • 25mm Tables - Suitable for clubs, sports centres and tournament play or for those experienced players playing at home. The tables with the anti skid feature are best as they give a better and purer bounce

The above is for guidance only. If a table is looked after there is no reason why a thinner surface such as 19mm could not be used in heavy use environments such as schools. However, thicker surfaces are more suited and will last longer. There is also no reason why thicker surfaces cannot be used at home for the keen amateur or experienced players looking to practice at home as they give a better bounce.

Can outdoor tables be used indoors?

Absolutely. Think of the outdoor features as being an extra. Outdoor tables will perform just as well indoors and offer a lot more flexibility so it may be worth the extra money. All our outdoor tables - unlike some you will find on the web - are full outdoor tables, meaning they can be left outdoors permanently (we would always recommend using a cover when the table is not in use).

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Do I need a concrete table?

Concrete tables are designed for heavy use outdoors in schools, colleges, holiday parks, camp sites, hotels and sports centres where the table will need to be left outdoors all the time and can be anchored to the ground. They are extremely heavy and robust, designed to withstand the harshest of weather but do require a surface that is able to take the weight of the table. They are only really suitable for situations where many unattended players will be using the table every day or perhaps for the larger house with grounds as a permanent feature.

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I keep seeing 'playback' on tables. What does it mean?

The 'Playback' facility advertised allows you to play against youself. One side of the table can be lifted up into a vertical position so you can play against it. Great for practice or when the family are glued to the TV!

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How much assembly does a table require?

Most of our tables come ready assembled meaning that you only have to add the wheel section to the table to make it ready for play. Some however do require assembly upon delivery. This will generally take between 30 and 60 minutes but is very easy. Full instructions are supplied and copies can be downloaded from our site if required.

How do I store my table?

Tables can be stored anywhere indoors where there is room and where it is dry. Garages can be used but please make sure you don't have any damp issues as this may cause damage to the table if stored there long term, something which would not be covered by any guarantee. Outdoor tables can be stored anywhere you like, so long as it is safe of course however it is preferable to store them indoors as this would extend their useful life. When left outdoors for short periods a cover should be placed over the table to keep it as clean and dry as possible making sure you will get the most out of your investment . In high winds it is a good idea to move your table indoors or somewhere sheltered as table can be blown over.

What guarantee do your tables come with?

All our tables come with a minimum of 3 years guarantee. This covers the table alone and not any accessories (bats, balls, nets etc) that come with it. Most of our concrete tables come with a 5 year guarantee.